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107 West Chatham Street
Cary, NC, 27511
United States

(919) 475-9202

Grow, The Family Boutique specializes in natural home, child and parenting items. Our store is located on the southwest side of Raleigh, NC. Come check out our quaint space and peruse our latest products. We're always getting fun new goods and our locally made products are crafted by the best, hard-working parents, who we are honored to help support.

Babywearing 101

Their are so many options and safety standards when it comes to babywearing. Grow, The Family Boutique is here to help you find the perfect carrier and use it safely.

Learn The Comforts of Carrying Your Baby

Babywearing comes with many benefits for both you and your child. There are so many carrier options that everyone can find the perfect carrier for their family!

Babywearing 101 Topics

  • Types of carriers*
  • Safety tips
  • Hands-on demos
  • Special promotion for attendance with same day purchase

Join us on the first Saturday of every month at 10:30am to learn about the different styles of baby carriers and basic safety in our Babywearing 101 class. Check out our calendar for this and other events.


*Styles of Baby Carriers Covered

  • Wraps
    • Wraps are the most traditional types of carriers. They are characterized by being made out of one seamless piece of fabric.
  • Ring Slings
    • A ring sling is a carrier that utilizes a length of fabric and a metal or nylon ring. It is characterized by being a one shoulder carrier.
  • Mei Tai
    • The mei tai carrier is characterized by a  panel of fabric with two shorter straps that go around the waist and two longer straps to wrap over the shoulder.
  • Soft Structured Carriers
    • Most soft structured carriers feature a thickly padded waistband and shoulder straps for a comfortable, ergonomic fit and can be used for front, back and sometimes hip carries.